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Shushinkan Online Dojo Rules and Etiquette


Respect and Courtesy…Always




1. Sign in with student(s) name to zoom. Parents please don’t put

in your name.


2. Dress in full Gi.


3. Be quiet when entering virtual dojo.


4. Be on time!!! Sign in to virtual dojo 10 mins before class.


5. Keep your camera off until your class starts.


6. Listen for and follow the start class and end class Rei.


7. “Pin” the Lead instructor Sensei to your screen by double tapping

instructor screen.


8. Mute your microphone after greeting your class with “Onegaishimasu, stating your name and “I’m here”.


9. Use the “Raise hand” feature located in the more/(...) tab if you have a question. A Senpai will address in your chat.


10. Respect your class time and program.

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