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Change is really hard, isn’t it?


Have you ever started a diet or a new exercise program and say, “This time I’m going to do it!!!”?  


Were you excited and all set to get off to a strong start, only to find out that, after a couple months, you were right back to where you started?

The good news is it was probably not the program or even your motivation. The reason most adults cannot sustain long term change has to do with their “COMFORT ZONE”.


Does that sound surprising?  I'm guessing it sounds strange, at the very least. Most people are shocked to learn that the key to making real, lasting changes in our lives is not in choosing the right diet or exercise routine but in changing how we think (ie. our mindset)!


Now you might be saying, “Okay, that sounds good, but how do I do that?” 


First you have to understand your comfort zone. It is always moving in the direction of getting larger or smaller. Have you ever known an older adult whose comfort zone was so small he could barely get himself out to do anything?


There is good news and bad news in this situation.  The bad news is that, if left on its own, our comfort zone naturally shrinks as we age.  The good news is, with proper training, we can change our mindset to expand our comfort zone and thrive well into old age.


To make real change you have to live in the mode of expanding your comfort zone (and loving it). The reason we can’t stay on a new diet or exercise program is because it is just too “uncomfortable” for us, so we fall back into our hold habits and behaviours.  Then, when our results plateau, we revert back to our old habits and shrink back into our comfort zone. We like being “safe” and comfortable.


One way to expand your comfort zone is by using something like a personal “life coach”. Another way is to intentionally go out and do things that are beyond your comfort zone, like parachuting out of an airplane or bungee jumping. But most of us need something easier and with good people around to support us. That is where karate comes in.


The reason karate can be such a powerful "change agent" is because it is one of the few activites that covers every facet of who you are - physical, mental, health, stress, relationships, emotional, intellectual, social, mindset and attitude.  All in a positive, supportive environment where you are surrounded by mentors and peers.


Karate is much more than just kicking and punching. Think of the karate “dojo” as your personal development lab where you can discover yourself, push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone, and change your mindset. When you begin to change your mindset, you will change your life!


Now before you say, “Oh, it’s just karate. How can it possibly to all that?” I urge you to keep an open mind and read what some of our adult students have to say . . . 


“I wanted to be physically active, so I joined the gym. After 3 months, I realized it wasn't working for me. I  wanted a group setting, but all of the classes I wanted to take were during the day, when I was at work. My son was going to karate, so I spoke to Sensei Ali, and he encouraged me to join the adult class. I never expected I would find another family at Shushinkan. People training me, encouraging me and making me feel comfortable being there.  I truly feel I belong and am doing more than I ever thought possible!”      Bobbie G.


“Karate for me is more than just a martial art. It has become a way of life! It has given me a sense of discipline to monitor the way I live my life; a respect for others; a general sense of well-being. Now that I am retired, it has helped me to maintain a solid workout every week as well as feel a sense of accomplishment after every class. One is never to old to train. It IS possible to work around all your physical problems. With the help of a great Sensei, like Sensei Ali, any program can be modified to make you successful!"      John F.


Here’s the bottom line . . . what karate is all about is learning to live your life “on the edge”. What keeps most of us from doing this is our “fears and self doubts” and our “comfort zone". Our dojo is simply a place to face and eliminate your fears and expand your comfort zone.  Please click the link below to request more information or sign up for a free Introduction.  I look forward to meeting you soon!

-Sensei Ali

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