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Frequently Asked Questions



Are the classes safe?

The average ratio is only ten students to one instructor.  Our children's curriculum has been designed to accommodate ages 4 and up.  This allows children to successfully learn and perform their moves so that they will feel good about themselves.  Our curriculum is challenging but never too difficult, and all classes are highly supervised by our instructors.

Will my child have fun?

Motivation, excitement, and fun are the essential tools we use to increase the learning and performance of our students.  Martial Arts is good, clean fun for kids.  We offer various school events that teach children how to get along better with others.  Learning creates a spirit of teamwork and a sense of belonging.  In recent months, our students have met Martial Arts stars, participated in tournaments and other local events, enjoyed pizza parties, summer fun camps, and more.

Will my child use karate to harm others?

Every child is taught our student creed, which is a necessary part of learning the philosophy of our school. The 3rd line of the student creed is, "I will use common sense before self-defence and never be abusive or offensive."

How much does it cost?

Currently, our school offers a great starter program.  Our fees are in line with other karate schools in the Windsor area and will depend on the age of your child and how many children you're enrolling.  At Shushinkan, our focus is to teach children life skills.  Because a structure of respect, courtesy and honesty is built into Martial Arts, children develop the ability to listen, learn, and achieve within a highly regulated environment.  If you have ever thought about getting your child started in the lasting benefits of Martial Arts, now is the time!

How do I sign up?

Step One:  Research…

Be sure to check out all your options in the area.  There are some great schools in Windsor.  It's not a question of: Which one is best?  The real question is:  Which one is the best fit for you and your child?

Step Two:  Schedule a visit…

Once you feel you are ready to learn more about our school, please contact us to book your two part parent/child orientation session.  These “Introductory Sessions” are well designed to help us determine if your child is ready for our program and for you to fully understand all the information about our school.  There is no cost or obligation for these sessions.  It is simply a great way to see if this is the right time, and if we are the right place, for you and your child to learn karate.

Step Three: Call, email, or PM (Facebook only) to book your appointment.

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