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What Parents are Saying about our Dojo

"I always struggled trying to help my son build character. He was young and not confident, timid and had difficulty expressing himself. Sensei Ali worked with him for 7 years, taught him discipline and helped him build character. Sensei helped shape my son's future into a young teenager who is now 13 years old who can deal with problems without needing to use violence. He helped teach my son the importance of good grades, patience, and self-control. Sensei Ali cares about those who attend his classes by instructing them on the importance of good grades and good conduct at school and at home. When I signed up my son for Karate, I did not know I was going to be signing him up for a mentor as well. I cannot explain my gratitude for this dojo and how it has impacted my son throughout these last 7 years. The mentorship and guidance this dojo offers is something that money cannot buy."  Sammy H.

"My kids have been attending classes at Shushinkan Karate for the last 5 years, and it feels like home. They love going each and every week! Sensei is amazing with children. He is so passionate and understanding. My kids learned confidence, discipline, and respect. Definitely made a big difference at school and at home. I recommend Shushinkan and their program."  April R.

"We've been with the Dojo for 8 years now and the standard of teaching has never been less than excellent.  Sensei Ali is patient, full of encouragement and has taught our children the self-confidence so they can excel not only in traditional Japanese karate but also in and out of school.
Highly recommended."  
Bob H.

"I returned to karate after a decade. I carefully shopped around for a dojo. Sensei Ali Awad has a family- oriented dojo. As a retired teacher I was impressed how he stresses the importance of listening, respect and the importance of family. I have trained in many dojos and can honestly say that this is the best I have trained in. I can highly recommend it to parents and students of any age."  John F.

"This is a fantastic karate school.  Excellent teaching, not only in just the physical aspect, but more importantly the spiritual and mental development for the students!  The Sensei is absolutely great! One of the best choices I made for my daughter!"  Jessie Z.

"We have been here for over 3 years now, with 3 kids, and we love it!  My kids have benefitted so much from being here.  They don't just learn karate; they become better people.  Sensei Ali is very dedicated to his students, and we are lucky to have him!"  Fatima Y.

"What a great and humbling experience!  The instructors are down to earth and make you feel really welcome.  It feels like one big family, and everyone helps each other learn and grow."  Abdullah C.
"Individualized attention, even in a group.  Calm behaviour, even if a student makes mistakes a number of times.  Fantastic understanding of child psychology.  Excellent way of handling individual scenarios.  Kudos to Sensei for handling so many kids at once."  S. Wadhwa

Thank You For Trusting Us!


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