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Teacher Feedback Form

Please rate this student, on a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being "needs improvement" and 10 being "outstanding") in the following categories . . . 

Please choose "yes" or "no" in response to the following questions . . . 

Is homework turned in on time?
Is student performing to his/her full academic potential?
Has student ever been disrespectful, rude or mean?
Has student ever been bullied?

School Visits

One of Shushinkan Karate's missions is to team up with parents, teachers, and schools by concentrating on "behaviour, attitude, and effort."  One of our goals is to work on your student's behaviour and attitude, developing well-behaved, highly teachable kids, so you can concentrate on and spend more time teaching.

Sensei Ali Awad frequently visits classrooms in the Windsor, Lasalle, and Lakeshore school districts as means of giving back to the community.  His presentations are fun and include safe, physical activities to teach valuable and effective lessons such as kindness, focus, self-control, trying your best, and any other lessons you wish to reinforce with your students.  ​

Please indicate whether or not you are interested in a classroom presentation.

Feedback received. Thank you!

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